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Messages from Alumni and Students

Messages from Alumni and Students


I am a foreign student from China. I have chosen YNU to continue my further study for it is a famous university located in the second largest city of Japan and also for its reasonable tuition and convenient access to the finest data bases all over the country.

The atmosphere here is study-oriented and professors are patient and passionate with both their studies and their students. Under their guidance I've recognized the beauty of law and decided to challenge Doctor Degree of Social Welfare Law. Welcome to YNU.

余 乾生(Yu Qiansheng)
First year student of Master’s Program of IBLAW (as of January 2014)


Hello everyone! My name is Ruslan Ziganshin, MEXT student from Tajikistan. Having the research interest in sustainable and efficient governance of water supply and sanitation, I am grateful to all involved who provided a great opportunity for me to study in the heart of Yokohama – the first city in Japan, that opened its port for international trade in 1854 (after abolishing the strict “sakoku” (鎖国 - isolation) policy since Edo Era (~1603 A.D.)) and where the first urban water supply system began its operation in 1887, letting the city grow from a small village with only 87 households to 3.7 million people by 2013 (currently the 2nd city after Tokyo).

YNU has rich history, green campus that is very comfortable for study, social and sports activities, generous, professional and supportive teaching and administrative staff. Welcome to YNU! Here you will definitely get all what you need for successful and enjoyable study!

Ruslan Ziganshin
Second year student of Master's Program of IBLAW (as of January 2014)


After completing my graduate degree in Yokohama National University, I am now working as an associate lawyer in the Intellectual Property Division of Sony Corporation, in charge of worldwide patent litigation, pre-litigation analysis and cross licensing and so on. This opportunity I was fortunate to have because of YNU’s strong reputation amongst the legal community. I also feel my degree has helped my career because the course provided a strong theoretical foundation coupled with practical application. YNU is an awesome place with just about everything a student would require.

崔俊 (Cui Jun)
Graduated on March 2012 from Master’s Program of IBLAW (comparative law course)


I’ve got my Master’s degree and PhD from IBLAW, focusing the research on the use of force and humanitarian intervention from international law perspective. 
Student life at IBLAW was exciting. Being a member of Yoo-Araki joint seminar, I felt like I was in a big family which consisted of youngsters and seniors studying international law, professionals and yet-to-be professionals, nice, smart and lovely people from all over the world. I recall it as one of the greatest memories when we with the supervisors and friends discussed many issues both in a classroom and over drinks. Writing a thesis seems to be a lonely work and it is partly true, but I found it is rather like a work with a team.

I especially enjoyed the IBLAW’s international atmosphere. Having lived in an international dormitory, I got to know many different cultures, from Bhutan, Myanmar, Kyrgyz to Sudan, which gave me a much broader perspective to international society, and which helped building good relationships with international colleagues while I was working at the Japanese mission to the United Nations. Up to present, my experiences at IBLAW have contributed greatly to my career.

掛江 朋子(KAKEE Tomoko)
Graduated on March 2005 from Master's Program of IBLAW (International Relations Law caurse)


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