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Yokohama Law Association

Yokohama Law Association

The Yokohama Law Association is accepting applications for membership.




Membership fees


1 year

3,000 yen
2 years

5,000 yen

3 years

7,000 yen

 Life membership

80,000 yen

(payment by installment accepted)


Application for membership

Complete the application form at the Law Association office and pay the membership fees. 
No separate application fee is necessary.


Call for papers for the Yokohama Law Review

The Association is calling for papers for the Law Review .  Please see here for details.


Applying to submit papers

Application form for submitting papers is available here.



Yokohama Law Association Office

Graduate School of International Social Sciences 
79-4 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama  240-8501 JAPAN

The Association Office is on the 4th floor of the Law Building.

E-mail: aiblaw@ynu.ac.jp

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