Doctoral Programs

Program Description

Students will analyze issues in modern law and politics in our global age from within a framework of legal and political science disciplines. They will also conduct research in the fields of international politics and international development with particular focus on the growing regions of East and Southeast Asia. In acknowledgment of student needs, the Department’s traditional area of research in intellectual property law and economic law is supplemented by a comprehensive curriculum covering the areas of positive law and public policy including international development studies, and improves on existing disciplines with the aim of contributing new knowledge to international research.
In addition, student research, and a diverse campus environment are advanced by means of "Industrial-Governmental-Academic Collaborative Research" and “International Field Work” which provide opportunities for students to present their research and participate in international research collaborations. Establishment of a flexible curriculum across departments [International Public Policy EP (Education Program) and Taxation / Accounting EP (Education Program)] and the All-English Graduate Program also enables students to acquire and develop specialized knowledge and skills. After completion of the degree, graduates may pursue global careers as research fellows, practitioners such as professional lawyers and accountants, public officers in national and regional governments, international organization staff, and policy advisers and consultants to international corporations.

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