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Doctoral Program in Transnational Law and Policy, Department of International and Business Law

In 2013, the Department of International and Business Law at Yokohama National University launched a new doctoral program taught entirely in English. The program is designed to provide students with legal knowledge and practical skills needed for careers in international organizations and transnational civil society organizations in various areas of global policy making. We seek motivated students from all over the world, who are eager to work in such fields. Graduates of the Doctoral Program in Transnational Law and Policy will be able to conduct leading-edge research and to publish their research at international conferences and in international journals (both academic and policy-oriented). They will also have the opportunity to acquire high-level research skills in various methods of empirical and theoretical analysis so as to enable them to produce policy-oriented papers.


Key Dates in the Application Process


Online Application Eligibility Assessment November 15-22, 2023
Confirmation of Application Eligibility December 7, 2023
Online Application

January 10-17, 2024
*All the required materials must arrive by January 24, 2024

Online Interviews February 15, 2024
Announcement of the Final Results February 29, 2024


How to Apply

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